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Fortune Firearms was born from a passion for firearms and a deep respect for the responsibilities they entail. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) issuance, private party transfers, FFL transfers, and coordination of firearms, ammunition, and accessory purchases. Our mission is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support needed for informed and responsible firearm ownership.

Discover Fortune Firearms: A Legacy of Safety and Empowerment

In the heart of Sage, close to the renowned Temecula Wine Country, lies Fortune Firearms, a sanctuary for firearm enthusiasts and newcomers alike. As a licensed Federal Firearm License (FFL) dealer, we’ve set ourselves apart with a commitment to not just sell firearms but to educate, empower, and engage with our community.

Education for All

We offer hands-on firearm training for beginners, advanced training for intermediate shooters, and Riverside County CCW required 16 hour course, ensuring you’re prepared, confident, and compliant with California law.

Customer-Centric Services

Our “Test B4 U Invest” class exemplifies our commitment to your satisfaction, Allowing you to test fire 16 different firearms in order for you to make an informed purchase decisions without buyers remorse.

Growing Together

The world of firearms is vast and everevolving. We are on this journey with you, committed to learning, growing, and adapting to serve you better.
Join us at Fortune Firearms, where your journey towards responsible firearm ownership is supported every step of the way

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