California dealer transfers refer to the process of transferring a firearm from one licensed firearms dealer (seller) to another licensed firearms dealer (buyer) in the state of California. This type of transfer is often required when a firearm is purchased from an out-of-state dealer or individual and needs to be legally transferred to a California resident.

The steps involved in a California dealer transfer:

1. Identifying a licensed firearms dealer in California who is willing to facilitate the transfer.

2. Arranging for the out-of-state dealer or individual to ship the firearm to the California dealer.

3. The California dealer receiving the firearm will conduct a background check on the buyer (California resident) through the California Department of Justice (DOJ) to ensure they are legally eligible to possess the firearm.

4. Once the background check is completed and approved, the California dealer can transfer the firearm to the buyer in compliance with all state and federal laws.


Transfer Pricing 

FFL to FFL Firearms transfers $75.00

FFL to FFL Ammunition transfers: $30.00 per shipment up to 10k rounds

Transfer Details 

For a transfer, we will need the following information sent to

  • The name and contact information for the shipping FFL
  • Buyers contact information
  • Firearm description

California has an approved DOJ gun roster, please verify that your firearm is approved and on the roster before making your purchase.  

It is important to note that California has strict firearms laws and regulations, so it is crucial to follow all legal requirements when conducting a dealer transfer to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. If you are considering a dealer transfer in California, it is recommended to work with licensed firearms dealers who are knowledgeable about the state’s regulations and can guide you through the process.

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