Fortune Firearms Training Academy Empowering Through Education

Welcome to the cornerstone of firearm education and training in Sage. At Fortune Firearms Training Academy, we believe that empowerment comes through education. Our courses are meticulously designed to cater to every level of experience, from individuals touching a firearm for the first time to seasoned shooters aiming to refine their skills or achieve their CCW permits.

Our Course Offerings

California Compliant Concealed Carry 16 Hour Course

This comprehensive course is your pathway to obtaining a concealed carry permit, focusing on firearm safety, legal considerations, practical shooting skills, and situational awareness.

Beginner Pistol Group

Ideal for newcomers, this course
lays the foundation for safe handling and shooting of a pistol,
emphasizing the basics of firearm safety, operation, and
shooting fundamentals.

Intermediate Pistol Group

Building upon basic skills, this course introduces advanced shooting techniques and defensive shooting principles, designed to enhance your confidence and shooting proficiency.

CCW Preparation

Tailored for those seeking to carry
concealed, this course covers firearm safety, concealed
carry gear, and defensive shooting techniques, ensuring
you’re prepared for real-world scenarios.

Why Train With Us

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are not just experts in their field; they’re passionate educators committed to imparting knowledge and skills in a supportive and engaging manner.

Comprehensive Curriculum

From legal compliance to practical skills, our courses cover all aspects necessary for responsible and confident firearm ownership.

Community and Support

Training with us means joining a community where you can continue to learn, share experiences, and grow in your journey with firearms. Embark on your journey towards mastery and confidence in firearm handling with Fortune Firearms Training Academy.
Embark on your journey towards mastery and confidence in firearm handling with Fortune Firearms Training Academy

Our Community in Action

The Gallery Page is a visual testament to the vibrant community at Fortune Firearms. Here, you’ll find a collection of moments captured during training sessions, events, and everyday interactions at our store and range. From the smiles of new shooters experiencing their first successful shot to the concentration of competitive shooters honing their skills, our gallery reflects the spirit, diversity, and passion of our community.

What You'll Find


Event Highlights

Relive the excitement of past events, from workshops and seminars to shooting competitions.

Training in Action

Get a glimpse into our training courses, showcasing shooters of all levels as they learn and grow.

Our Facilities

Tour our store, range, and classrooms through a visual journey that highlights the features and atmosphere of Fortune Firearms.
Join us in celebrating the achievements, friendships, and memorable moments that make Fortune Firearms a special place. Visit our Gallery Page and see what makes our community thrive.

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